Panama, Fishing in the Canal Zone





So.. There We were (sounds like a “Hold My  beer” Story)..

Me and My brother used, (past tense),  fished on the Atlantic Side of Gatun Lake in the Former Panama Canal Zone.. We fished for Peacock Bass..

Please understand, this is one of the Largest Lakes in the World..  Calm in the Morning, then, with the Trade Winds kicking up Mid~Afternoon, there where 1~2 waves  & surf on the open waters, pretty much making thigs “un-fishable”.. (think lake Erie or a huge American lake like this)..

So We rented those Canoes, (the metal kind) 16 foot Canoes, Paddling around the Islands/Islets all around this huge lake.. Sponsored by the DOD for Dependents such as  us, (we were young 15 & 17 years  old)… 3.00 per day..

We were avid Peacock Bass fishermen!

So When the trades kicked  up on the Lake, We would get very close to shore under overhanging trees, that acted as shade, enabling the “deep holes”, where NO WEEDs would occur.. AND, Well there were bass in these “holes”.. Under these over hangs..

Sometimes, there “overhangs” were Mango trees, Grapefruits, Lemons, avocados, etc etc, Me and My brother would harvest them , putting such, generous Jungle rich’s into our Canoe. Along with Our beer, fish (and yes, Panama Red)..  Which getting outta the trades Winds,, We would smoke a huge “Blat”..

So,,,,, We ended up on a particular Island.. up under a “overhang”, catching fish, doing our usual thing.. While visiting previous Islands (Over hangs), having fruits/beer/Grapefruits etc in the the Canoe..

Soo We caught a Couple bass under this overhang….


This (YUGE) Howler Monkie, dropped dead into the middle of the Canoe.. Without warning, Starting to “hoot” & Howel..

I was in the Front, as My Brother was in the rear.. We both commenced  to start swinging our canoe paddles centerline, towards this Canoe Pirate.. As it tried to grab Our hard earned Fruit & Beer.. We both missed..

It jumped about 3 plus feet above our swinging paddles, then dropping back into the Canoe, started to cause a Ruckus.. I grabbed Budweiser cans, slinging  full cans at this Pirate.. Missing, almost hitting My brother in the head, …

I never have seen nor heard  of such a thing happening at this moment in time..

I Panicked.. This mofo “grabbed” a fishing rod and started swinging at us! While trying, to grab fruit/whatever HE? could grab..

At this point.. I “Bailed” when Me and My Brother Swung our paddles at this Canoe Pirate, meeting in the middle, with a ** TWANG** as this Monkey jumped over them both again..

I “bailed” overboard into the clear waters below.. Hearing “clanging/cussing/cursing”, all matters of ruckus above Me on the Surface… with Tackle, rods, cooler, beers, etc falling & sinking into the clear waters around me..

Nearly outta air,, I surfaced…  My Brother, very much Wide-eyed, opined, it was “safe”..

Asking I asked “What did “it” get? , a Banana & a Grapefruit,, ,,  My Brother opined…

All this for,  All  that? I asked?

YEP.. As We lost “everything” paddling back to the Aquativity Center..

(Ft. Gulick, Panama)

Just a Day bass fishing on the water of Gatun Lake, (Former Panama Canal Zone..)




Children are very attentive

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of having a attentive 5 year old girl in My home.. (ALOT)..

Not yet attending Kindergarten, I fear,  that the Public School system will ruin this child..

This young child, I swear is nearly ‘genius” status, inquisitive , asking, yet able to discern from lies & the truth.. Asking, Why does the “News” Lie?

I was floored.. A 5 year old child!

This, youngin, then asks me about.. Taxes, apparently, hearing though Her mom & Dad, asks, where is  My mommies & Daddies  Monies going too?

It seems somehow the subject of Socialism came up, (not by my hand)…

I answered  the “Government”.. She then ask’s to whom are those  monies going too, on those “Magic cards” she has seen.. (EBT CARDS), I was Honestly floored at this point.. She then ask, Why are MY MOMMY and DADDY paying their monies, too people Who don’t work?

I didn’t have a honest answer.. Though, I showed Her the cartoon “ISM”..

She then asked Me about “freedom”,, and What it means.. I tried My darndest to answer.. (In kids terms)..

Kids are in fact Inquisitive, Able to discern, If left to “free thought” will figure  out what “freedom ” is & what socialism is , Rejecting the latter, opting for Capitalism & freedom ..

We need to STOP Indoctrinating Kids in schools Disabling/or foregoing  “free thoughts”..


I hope to work with this young child in the future, hopefully educating the 3  basic that is this, Math/Science/English, and History..

God bless everyone “crossthread42”


My Blog and thoughts coming soon

Welcome to Pier & Surf Life..

This will be My first blog, on a number of subjects..

goodmorning Fishing, Politics & Current Stories of the Day..

NO PC BS.. Drinking a Coffee at Sunrise getting ready too fish..

Thinking, catching bait, setting up the “PIN RIGS” to catch King Mackerel off the pier..

While telling “MAD” stories to tourist(s) venturing out to the end, Where “WE”, The Mad King Fishermen, Drink beer  figuring up “new” tourist traps & Stories for the Unsuspecting..     😉

Arriving at Sunrise, Leaving at Dark.. Giving wonderful perspectives on the “Pier Life”..

Fishermen (and Women), Families, Whom arrive at Dawn, Leaving at  dark..

Some Folks traveling hundreds of Miles to fish, (The Pier Life”.. )

Leaving Memories and Tales of the Piers, past down from great grand Dads to Fathers, to children,  on and around Southeastern, North Carolina..

Yes, and more…

I hope, you may Enjoy this blog as it develops..Sincerely..