What was His Name?

Maybe from the Northern March.. or Nordmark.. In 965.. My Father, Or ONE of Us..

Before the Saxon “Wars” He may have been one of Many that migrated towards the Roman Frontier, to fight? Or ..

Was He a Avars?

Charter Schools,, REALLY??

I’ll write a MAJOR piece in the coming Days that will SHOCK you about “My Lil Town”.. In the coming WEEK(S) TIC TOC..

IF It doesn’t Hit NATIONAL NEWS, I’ll be damned to this little place on the internet..

I’m Deemed A Evil Trump Supporting White Nationalist.. Or Something.. I’m label Myself as #American, Nothing more Nothing less..


Marine Patrol, Sheriffs & A Dog

Thought I’d write Alil story about My “Peace of Heaven” that happened one Fall Afternoon… Shades of “Smoky & the Bandit” I might add..

It all started with trading some Computer work for a Light Tackle Speckled Sea Trout/Flounder Rod.. Did the Work got the Rod, so went down With My Dog, to check it out.. Giving it a whirl with a grub..

So Me and My Dog Genises, Get down there, walk out on this pier, While I’m messing with this New to Me Trout Rod..

See, this Park is also “popular” with the Local Po-Po’s having Lunch, as well as the occasional Marine Fisheries Officers stopping by tho check for your Coastal fishing License..

So there We were.. Having a blast, Me & the Dog, Me casting, with Him Lounging out on the Pier End with-out a leash attached..

I had Made a especially long cast, When I heard footsteps coming up behind Me.. And……

There they were.. A County Mounty & Marine Patrol Officer.. Po-Po #1 speaks up, Where is your Dog Leash? While, at the same time Po-Po #2 ask’s Where’s your Fishing License..?? I replied “Hold On” a sec, asking Po-Po #1,, please hold this Rod, (the line is still in the water) As I reach for My Billfold, getting out My Fishing License..

So.. as I’m getting My license out, from the corner of My eye, I seen Po-Po #1 reel the line in a bit.. I watched the Rod Start too bend, line getting taunt as Po-po #1 says “I gotta Bite”!

Everything went by the wayside that second, including ME, Po-Po #1 says, I got THIS! As the Po-Po#2 starts trying to give advice on “fighting” the Fish.. Those two Rascals crowding the corner fighting whatever was at the end of that line.. Giving, shouting, advice and almost grabbing that Rod outta each others hands..

I GOT THIS Shouts Po-Po #1,, BUT! BUT! says Po-Po #2… You’re gonna lose it!… After the ensuing 10 minutes or so, PoPo#1 get this fish pier side.. OMG! He shouts What a Fish!

As it happens to be a Citation HUGE Red drum at around 40~50 pounds.. surfaces pier side..

About that time.. The hook pulled..

Now,, I never had it happen to Me, but once.. to yours truly, Though a 3/8 LEAD jig hitting you in the head is quite Dangerous.. It so happened, it NAILED Po-Po #1 *Right Between the Eyes*… BAM! He fell backwards onto the Pier Deck stunned, blood running down His nose & face.. Recovering, getting slowly to His feet We supported Him as He recovered..

Po-PO #2 remembers WHY they were there, checks My Fishing license, everything is OK.. About this time PO-PO #1 gains His senses back.. He says too Me,, Sir, I’m going to have too cite & Ticket you for that Dog being unleashed.. (I’m thinking a 165.00 fine) OH MY!

As soon as those words left His mouth.. PO-PO #2 says, SIR… DO YOU have a fishing license? Too PO-PO #1… Seeing your going to ticket this disabled guy, I think YOU need a Coastal Fishing License, do you have one SIR??

A tense moment ensued, the PO-PO #1 starts sputtering, incoherent words out, nothing really making any sense.. Cross Department stuff, or… something…

Po-PO #2 opined, lets go get you “fixed-up”,, too Po-Po#1,, as He bid US farewell & tight lines, Both Leaving,, as I just experienced yet another fine Day on the Water..

Thoughts on Affordable Housing

This is most certainly NOT, a Blog post that I feel good about typing. In fact I’m honestly embarrassed typing this today..

First alil background, Me and My Wife, We are BOTH Disabled, She is BLIND, While, I’m a Disabled Amputee suffering from DVT, + I’m a Vet. So our income(s) DO NOT amount to much. little over 1K monthly, just enough to cover OUR rent + Bills..

That said. We have resided in this “current” home, for 8 years in Affordable Housing @ 950.00 Monthly. We were assured, We were NOT in Danger of having to move, *EVER* as Our Landlord just had the home “re-shingled” this home, @ almost 10k out of His pocket to have this done. Fast Forward to Today, We have 30 Days to vacate.. This home will be demolished to make way for a Parking Lot, to expand School operations, as the “School” is behind our home. Here are those plans.

We as a Couple reside in Wilmington, N.C. . After Hurricane Florence; Thousand’s of Folks were Displaced, Leaving Affordable Housing very much Lacking, If not Impossible to find. Coupled with the influx of Folks retiring here from up North, fleeing High Taxes, We are being Invaded also from Our Southern Border by Foreign Nationals Packing several Families into Homes that otherwise, would be available to folks in our income Bracket.. THEN,, throw in greedy Realtors Jacking Rents in New Hanover County 3x What they were <b> Before </b> the Hurricane made Landfall in Wilmington, Last year.

We have found a “Home” outside Our Fair City, though Now comes the Crux of Our Demise. WE ARE being “Evicted” (I know that is a Wordy-dird), We are Lacking Deposits & Moving expenses to get into Our “New” Rental Home.. WE ARE making sacrifices, selling everything but the Kitchen sink, (Literally) .

If WE CANNOT make these “numbers”, WE will have to Give-away, or put down Our “Kids”, (2 Dogs) and End up Living on the Streets.. Loosing everything We have. Here is a pic of one of My Dog(s).. https://i.imgur.com/pUj0U9A.jpg

If you have questions or comments, please feel free! In the meantime, If you feel the Urge in Helping a Disabled Couple, please donate to the Collection plate linked below..


Thoughts about sexual abuse & Human Trafficking

In 1969/1970, I was abused as a “child” being forced to conduct oral sex.. As a 6~7 year old “kid”, as was a few other children in our neighborhood..

One tried to kill himself, His name was Jeff..

This is TOTAL Truth, the offender was named Tom Flow, of Silver Pine Drive, Fayettnam, N.C.

That said.. I tried my level headed BEST NOT to conduct myself in the same manner.. Throughout My teenage, coming of Manhood years..

I plunged My-self into drugs & beer, liquor, trying to ease, what-ever I had, emotional pain(s)..

I felt dirty, disgusting, less of a MAN too My Father. A special forces Hero..

I was then, interred too Panama,, Ft. Gulick, to be exact, on the Atlantic Side of Panama..

As a Dependent..  Most folks, (If not ALL) of *Zoneions*, as they called themselves, Military, some dependents would “troll” the bars on what was known then, as <b> Bamboo Lane </b>..

NO ID required, IF you could climb a Barstool, present monies, you were served whatever you want..

So 5.00 could get you a “ride” re: blue bus, into Colon, & back, drinking 50~70 cent beers in a bar, it was awesome when you were 16~18+ years of age.. All on 5.00 you were all set..

If you Had MORE money, or…… The *Girls* liked you…

The “Cartels”, ad hominoem  , each had a “stable” of VERY young girls, or Kids..

Anyone & everyone was for sale… Cheap as a few dollars..

A great sea side friend offered HIS OWN Daughter, for sex for 5.00.. (I declined).. Though gave Him 5.00 anyway..

I cannot recall, how many times, GIRLS, mostly from Columbia, were in some bars,,.. KIDS 13+, 20.00 all night,, each.. It really disgusted Me, though, being in another Country What could I change?

Once, I had a MP, YES several Military US ARMY Mp’s  , Ask me to take them “down town” only to realize, they wanted.. more than beer.. After “they” were done,, gave Me 40.00, to “get a real woman”..

So NOT wanting to be a “Wussie” I picked a pretty girl.. Getting up too her room, was something you see in a Homeless camp outta Baltimore.. I was disgusting.. Knowing some Spanish, I did get Her age.. She was 14, owing debt for Her travel’s from Columbia, to whom had brought Her to panama. I DID NOT do anything w/her.. instead  talking with Her some, giving Her the 40.00, She was sweet & gracious.. Trying to tell Me that She was a sex slave, (its something else in Spanish), working off Her “debt” on the Promise of Work.. only there was No work.. Just the Bars & entertaining..

Still happening today, just South of OUR Border AND inside of Our Borders..

By the Dem “elites” Pedophiles .. etc etc etc..

4th of July

I love OUR Country, ‘For which it Stands”..

A HOUSING crises Is happening in our country..

Illegal Immigrates are taking “affordable” housing, from Colored Americans, as well as White Americans creating a Housing Crisis..

I consider this too mean ALL Americans!

I KNOW, I’m in this boat..

Will it Stop?