Animal Cruelty

This is a story,, I wrote waay back in 2012 or so..

It’s NOT safe for work, includes strong language.. 😉

They tried to..

Our Fucking Tax Dollars @ Work…..
Have I got a story for you folks….

Please excuse any Profanity laced rant here…
First alil background, seems We’ve got a lil Rabies Problem in our county, thus far I *think* there have been 13 cases reported confirmed, this year thus far……
That said…..
I got back from My Monthly Fishing trip yesterday, Good Day, caught fish for the freezer, & some rays on My old Bod.. Had fun w/a fire-fighters son from Raliegh, taught Dad & Son “how” to catch fish as they were not catching any, so I “hooked” them up… Had a Blast watching the “Son”, The boy was around 8 or 9,,& Dad catch fish, and Made a good friend in the process…
I get back to the house, washed up, & the GF calls Me…
Her speaking, She says, Dave, there’s this Dirty Orange CAT laying out in the driveways, getting up & falling on it’s side…. And “Meowing” really loud…

I says “OK” I’ll be right over… Since She “babysitted” Genesis anyhow…
i get over there,,, AND sure enough; there’s a huge Orange Tabby laying in the driveway…
Po thing was Dirty, grungy, (male), you could see “fight scars”, but Poor thing had blood trickling out it’s ear, it’s left eye had kinda blood in it, MY conclusion was it had gotten, run over or Hit BY A CAR… Yes it would get up & fall over as I noticed it had a fractured front Paw/leg..
By this time……
Some crazy woman, (whom I would find out later), has around 16~18 “stray” cats She feeds around Her Home a few doors down from My GF….
So the Crazy Woman, (I’ll refer her as CW), Comes over, says it’s “hers”, sooths the poor cat, crying She can’t afford to take it too the Vet…
Cat is OK w/me & Her soothing the poor animal, It’s just fucking hurt really bad, as I make a closer inspection… The top of it’s skull, looked like someone hit on the head w/a ball peen hammer… Along w/broke paw/road-rash etc…
So I tell the woman Her option(s)..
1. Put it down, to stop it’s suffering….
2. take it to the Vet…
CW went with option 1..
(I explained “what” I was going to do…)

I come back to the house, get the Ol .22 …..
grab 2 bullets, .22 hollow-points.

I get back over to the GF’s house…
arriving, w/gun case in hand, I begin switching out the .20 gauge barrel, with the .22 …
By this time the CAT moved onto the grass, up under some bushes…
but it’s still crying a racket in PAIN, just laying there…

Then the GD MORON shows up…..
Someone went & done called Animal Control….
He jumps out the truck, asking questions….
Ask’s about the animal… (He doesn’t notice the .22 Rifle yet, propped against the 240)..So I told Him MY observation(s), he says ok,, walks to the truck, brings out a HUGE black Net, akin to a butter fly net, a couple traps…
I’m like DUDE! no need for all that!
CW is going into Hysterics at this point… She goes up to the cat,petting it, and the Testosterone landen fool that is AC; has black gloves on , approaches, and decides right then, the cat is RABID…
As he came close, the CAT sees Him, and “Hisses”….
then the fun & games began…..

I stopped Him before He grabs His net, I lifted the .22, I’m like, Hey guy, (VERY politely), just give Me a sec, I’ll have this done in .30 seconds, and you’ll be home for dinner….

in hindsight i shoudn’t of done that…

His Eyes got as big as dinner plates,,

wait for it..

OMFG! YOU, YOU have a Rifle!
The Testosterone landen fool that is AC, calls over the radio, there’s a “Man W/a gun”, Impeding His Job….
I put said “gun” in the car…
i went onto the GF’s front deck to watch… As this Testosterone landen fool that is AC, tries to use traps & this net, CHASING NOW, this dern hurt cat, around 3 duplexes and a apartment complex next door…(complete with 8ft high wooden fences seperating around all 4)
CW is still in Hysteric’s crying running around trying to “catch” the cat to calm it down,, manages to do so..
CW, Picks up CAT, has IT in her arms, the , Testosterone landen fool that is AC , “tries” to capture the POOR CAT, whiles it’s CALMY in CW’s arms…
ALL the while AC is YELLING @ CW to “drop” the cat, He TOLD her NOT to pick it up…
Cat sees the underhanded intended “capture” of the net, and JUMPS& flees out of CW’s arms….
So AC, is now CHASING said CAT around the afore-mentioned homes and complex…

THEN……. Wait for it….. The CALVERY arrives…
5 POLICE Cars/and 3 more AC Agents….

They ALL start chasing the CAT.. Thinking it’s RABID….
by this time, CW is crying in the middle of the street, wailing and screaming “don’t hurt it!, people are looking out thier doors, I’m watching from the front deck, LAUGHING My azz off….

honestly, you HAD to be THERE! What’s the term about monkies fucking a football?
So this goes on for about 45 minutes…. ALL these Dumb azzed Testosterone landen fools chasing this cat EVERYWHERE in Circles!
So they set up a “premiter”, …. Still chasing..
By this time, I’m getting alil thristy… Laughing so hard… wait for it, this IS NOT done YET…..

I get a drink outta the cooler in the car…
ALL the AC’s & LEO’s are on the other side of a 8ft wooden stock-aide type fence..
i’m listening to the commotion and hearing the back & forth chat over the AC’s & Leo’s radio’s in thier cars trying to “pin-point” the cat…..

i hear,, crackel….. ETA 2 minutes……
i’m starting to hear what appears to be a Helo….
I look up,,, and SURE ENOUGH, theres SABLE coming in and hovering 300~400 feet above us…..
i’m like “this cannot be for real”……
It’s gets better….
i’m standing there, sipping My Coke, listening & watching as SABLE is directing the Testosterone landen fool(s) that is AC & LEO’s trying to Catch this Poor fucking CAT…
Cha-Ching on this operation, NO EXPENSE is spared….

by this time i’m doing a huge face palm, people are gathering, wondering WTF! is happening, Shit-eating grin on My face as i’m trying to explain to the courious, that asked, what’s happening w/out Laughing, and busting a gut….
by this Time CW is in COMPLETE HYSTRIC’S, husband arrives trying to comfort CW in the street…

by this time, i’m wondering if SWAT Team is going to show up….

i’m at the car, sippig My coke..

from under the wooden fence, out pops the CAT,looks at me and falls on it’s side, huffing & puffing, hurt, bleeding, out of breath…
i reach into the car… Hearing the chopper overhead directing the Operation..
I grab the .22
Walk up to the cat, it looked at Me went MEOW..
POP! One and done… Problem solved….. Or so I thought….
Put the Weapon back into the car… By now I’m almost surrounded by a bunch of Testosterone landen fool(s)…(Guns drawn @ me), You thought i’d killed somebody…
Yeah, Cuffed & stuffed into the cruizer…
So Me, CW & her husband ALL go downtown…
They got charged for keeping stray’s etc, etc, huge fine(s) etc…

ME?… WOAH…..
I was charged with…
Discharge of firearm w/in city limits..
Going armed terrorist to the public or some chit..
Impeding a .GOV offical’s Duties or some crap..(3 different charges?)
Attempted Animal Cruelty AND Animal Cruelty
Conceled fire-arm, (20 guage barrel in the case) WHAT!

So…. Leo(s) and I get Down-town, I go in front of the magistrate, WHOM i happened to know, (he’s a amputee also), We know each other from when I had lot’sa problems with EX-Wife taking frivolious charges out on Me…
He sees Me walk in, and does a auto-face palm, nodding his head, like; NOT YOU! today… (I hadn’t seen him in like 15 years..)..
So the Leo’s are filling out form(s)/charges etc, telling thier side of the Story… They get done….
He turn’s to Me & says wait a sec.. goes out the office…
Comes back a few minutes later w/the on-duty Capt.. LEO, WHOM has been listening in on the radio on this whole cluster-fuck….
he wants to hear my story…..
i tell it just like I’m telling ya’ll here…
As I’m rambeling on, I notice…
The Capt. Leo & Mag, started smirking, almost couldn’t contain themselves, AND upon fishing My story, they were ROTFL…..
I’m thinking, how much jail time & bond…
So Leo’s and AC give the Capt & mag too looking over the forms & My charges…
I ask meekly, …….
SIR, how much is it going to cost Me for bond out…???
Capt. & the Mag, look at each other, asking the Leo’s & AC…

*IS What Mr. Dave just told US a accurate account?**
You swear? He ask’s the AC’s & LEO(s)….
in unision,they say,,,, **Yes Sir**

Capt. Looked at AC & LEO and cuts loose on a triade on AC(s) and 5 Leo’s.. WTF! WHY didn’t you let the guy shoot and Put that Poor cat down in the first place!
DO YOU KNOW! Much much time/fuel/$$ you have ALl just wasted! NOT counting using SABLE!!!!!!
NOT counting on the suffering ya’ll put on that poor animal????
YOU! Everyone of you,should be charged w/animal cruelty!
He looks to Me and ask’s..
SIR.. w/paper-work-forms in hand…
Slowly rips them in half….

YOU Sir, are free to go….
he looks at AC & LEO,,, Says THE NEXT Time….. Stops,,,Says “how much did the ammo cost you Dave?, I replied nothing about .05 cents, He fishes for a nickle, passes it through the hole in the glass…..
and says, give this man’s weapon back to him and give him a ride home…..

Your tax dollars at work….

In the End, …

Well Folks, yes, “I was in the wrong”….

See when the Animal Control Agent “jumped” outta the truck….
Let Me describe this guy..
About 6′ foot tall, uniformed, (Like the County Police)..
He was , well; had a shaven head.. Additionaly, He was in great shape…

In reality,,,… The WAY He ACTED @ the moment…
I’ll tell you, It was like he was on Roids….
Or on Some-thing, I’m NOT saying he was on drugs, though, Meth comes to mind here….
When I got the .22 Rifle, and showed it to him and said

*Give Me 30 seconds*……

His eyes got huge! Like he was Hopped up on something…

Though, giving Him credit, he “did” warn me if I shot the CAT, I would be charged…

In addition, he told me to “stay put” after he called in; “A man w/a gun”, So I did, watching all this un-fold…
So it’s not all “One-sided”…

My obversations, though, this AC Agent was on something, hell, He *acted*, RABID…


I mean YOU had to be there….

GF wanted to come out, I chased Her back inside, along W/Genesis..
(How I got onto the front deck)…
Though When I *popped* the cat, no sooner than you could say…
Oh Chit, they, Leo’s , had guns drawn on Me, so, yes.
I’m counting My LUCKY Stars…
In all honesty, As…

I was putting the “gun” in the car, turn around looking, with “9’s” pointed @ Me ,,, I almost chit My pants…
I raised My lone hand, they are telling Me to put both hands up, As I don’t have the other… Whew…..
I’m saying, to them,,, *I’m a amputee!*..

No kidding,,,I just one thing to ask..
Make sure I’m “properly”, givin a decent Burial….


Covid-19 & Control & The Deep State? In a Election Year?

What We are witnessing, is the systemic insurrection and overthrow and Fall of the Republic of these United States. Too institute Marxism as the New form of government, CONTROL…

Every major event, is a step on a ladder, too achieve these ends. Be it,Covid-19 is just another step/rung on the Ladder, as are #BLM & Anti-fa… That the deliberate Mixing of “word-play”, these fact’s comes into play.. Covid-19, is part of that word play, *Quarantine* for those that ARE sick, or, lets call it what it is, House Arrest. Stop, calling things like “Social Distancing”, AS; there is NOTHING Social, about “Forced Isolation”.. House Arrest, forced by the State… As Millions of Americans, don’t have Basic necessities for (staying at home), lasting a week, NOT several Months..

This Isn’t for the “Greater Good”, It’s NOT.. When you KILL, (Destroy), a *Historic* uplifting Economy, Killing Businesses’ the greatest We’ve seen in 20~30 years.. We should STOP saying, “This is the new Normal”,, Because It’s NOT, We are #Americans.. This is overt Mind Control & dis-information, treating friends, Family, Customers alike they have some kind of deadly Plague.. Living in fear, wearing mask’s, Self-contamination of Bodily fluids, turning folks against each other *Mask Shaming* etc etc. (Karens & Kens I’m looking at you)..

IF, this “Virus” was so *Deadly* why hasn’t it wiped-out Numerous Homeless & Homeless Camps? As WE KNOW they are NOT the most sanitary folks living in our Republic.. As they honestly don’t have access to a clean & sterile home environment.. Cooking/Bathing etc etc..

For example, 1.5 MILLION People died in 2018/19 from Tuberculosis, WHY wasn’t that called a “Pandemic”? For Folks around the Globe?? Drug overdoses? 70,000 in 2019.. 400,000 from Homicide (world-wide) in 2019.. 36,000 plus from car crashes in 2018 in the US)(latest figures)..

So, WHY did’t YOU wear a MASK on the TB “Pandemic”? Why? Because the MSN, (Media) & #FakeNews didn’t tell you to wear a Mask.. Yet, 1.5 MILLION died last year, from TB, Where’s THAT Pandemic? (because there isn’t one), Yet, Your were endangering Million & Billions of other Folks worldwide… If fact, so much so,, than, this so called “Coronavirus Pandemic”..

So exactly, abit Voluntary, are We participating in? A AIS system? Social Credit Scores? What-ever-it…… **IS..** We are the “Guiana Pigs”,, While WE ARE Complying.. As “Social distancing”, works GREAT for (public & Private) .. NEST & Ring anyone? ***Cameras***,,, All the while, Uploaded to Microsoft & Google servers,, ID’ing folks that are distanced apart, and refining THAT, Folks, using Mask(s) can further refine your Identity, using, updated algorithm‘s.. Trail & Error folks.. (Facial Recognition).. Cameras work best when folks are 6’ feet apart, etc.. Machine Learning does the rest, w/changes in the “Code” or Algorithm..

Also, Who’s Compliant? Who’s Not?.. (WILL YOU GET the Vaccnine)? along with a Tatoo Or ID that say’s your vacinnated, because, IF NOT, your NOT shopping/going out, (you get the idea?).. along those lines.. We have the Left screaming, #Save a Life, Yet allows Slaughter & abortion, up to Full term, *BABIES*.. Yet also sends “Infected” folks to Nursing Homes to infect others, that are vulnerable, to get sick & die, while vilifying a 70 year old Medicine, proven to save lives to be outlawed. WHAT kind of government, (state & local) would do this? Yet; preaching to the masses about the value of Human life?…… Such as, Black Lives Matter.. When it Should be #AmericanlivesMatter…………………………………..

Hypocrisy , Double speak & Double Talk, sounds alot Like Lenin & MAO or Pol Pot.. one for the Inner circle, one for Useful Idiots, yet, another for the rest of us, (Conservatives), We are the FIRST Targets..

IF there was a REAL pandemic


Are you letting convicted Criminals Out?

While arresting those whom “practice” Heath Dept. Methods, of Mask’s or not allow singing in Church.. Freedom of Religion?

Closing Bars… While allowing State-run Liquor Stores to remain Open?

Stopping the sales of seeds, yet allow the sales of Lottery Tickets?

Wal-mart, Home depot & Lowes remain open.. YET Small Business’s must close?

Faulty Data, Falsified death cert’s, Faulty Graphs, Propaganda, reported on the MSN.

State Say’s Dentist’s mist close, yet Abortion Clinics can stay open..

It’s NOT ABOUT OUR HEALTH.. It’s about Control…

A Government that interferes with our personal Lives & freedom.

Yet demonizes, Taking away those firearms, from Folks whom (rightfully) practice Self-defense.. Leaving them open too attacks..

A (Government),that regulates “poison’s” ,, (Pain pills et al), yet has been proven time & time again (3 letter agencies) of, or are running various Drugs into the USA, Yet denies Live saving drugs such as HCQ to it’s Citizens?? This, Is a government, I have little Faith in.

The United States government was created… To SERVE US, NOT, they other way around.. WHEN did WE give Our Lives/Liberties & Rights too Self-Defense & Freedoms to those in Power?

TOO the MOB RULE?? (recently)???

It’s a Probably Stupid question I’m asking here..

sorry for the long post.. Leave a comment if so inclined..

I believe in #RuleOfLaw BTW..

Though If DJT, (the greatest President EVA!) isn’t Elected for 4 more years, We’ll loose Our Republic.. We could not keep it..


Love David & Angie..


Going to Panama

Devils Beach Panama AKA Ft Sherman

If you look at the picture above, you can still see the remains of a “Guard Shack” amongst the coconut groves, that overwatched the canal during WWII.

Mom & I and My Brother, leaving, Fayettnam, headed with that 76 VW Bus, To Charleston, SC in August of 1977. To drop off the “Bus”, at the Port, then proceed to the Airport the next day.

Dad, had went ahead, As were to be stationed in Ft. Gulick, Panama.. I personally, didn’t know what to expect, looking up on “current events” & newspapers, there wasn’t much to be had. (Before the interwebs).. So all I could gather, is, We very well might be living in something Akin, to Shacks or Straw Huts..

A very un-certain future, I was unprepared to say the least.. There really wasn’t much in the encyclopedia, either, except about building of the Canal Itself.. Very Little information was to be had.. I even “crowd funded”, In those days, Of *Information* amongst My High School friends, to provide any Information that would be helpful to me.. Though, Mostly what I received in return, was that Panama was a Drug Fiends Paradise & “Women & Beer” were very cheap..

I did learn that “villas & Burrios & Calla’s” were the norm.. “Casa’s” etc, etc..

Learned some really cool stuff about the Canal, the Building of it, AND Basically, what was the “Canal Zone”..

We dropped off the VW bus in Charleston, SC, then to a Hotel to catch the Flight the next Day, (One-Way) to Panama… Up to this point,, I’ve NEVER road “on a Jet Plane”.. I was excited, yet scared at the same time..

Folks, I never “road” on a jet plane, It was a experience not to be forgotten .. Braniff Airways , My first “Jet ride” was in my tender age of 16.. .. A *Rush* was the take off, out over the Ocean until, We flew over the Tip of Cuba,, Looking out the window,, watching.. As several jets came AT US ,,, I could see the flying south to north flight paths.. The Pilot announced we were rounding CUBA,, Watching as it went under Us, I was wondering THEN, what was “communist’s” living down there was like.. Seeing miles of beaches, Miles of Road(s), Clear Turquoise waters & Coral Reefs, nothing there, but a couple small fishing boats, then flying out over the Caribbean.. Plenty of Blue water(s).. Spotting the Occasional freighter(s) underneath Us, Curious, Wondering, which ones were carrying that Famed “Columbian Gold”

About a Hour later,, The pilot Capt’n said look, We are coming over Panama.. Fascinated, I looked, wondered, looking at the Lush Green (scenery & Jungle), Just what have I gotten Myself into.. As I couldn’t see much, except Miles, upon Miles of Jungle as We crossed the Coast-line headed towards Panama City.. As We took the “Northern” Flight path, there was nothing too see but….. Jungle, marked by the occasional dirt path/road, & metal Roofs that dotted the landscape Here & there.. Heavy Thunderstorm’s dotting the Airspace into the Horizon.. Before,, at last…We suddenly were over the Pacific Ocean, banking to the left, landing at Tocumen International Airport

Landing brought a sense of relief, to Me at least, My first Jet Airplane ride, Wondering all the While, If there might be a Mid-Air crash, engine flame-out, or what have you.. (There Lots of Jet crashes in those Days),, Though then, We were Parked WAY OUT on the Tarmac, of the Airport, with rumors about “Unrest” in the area(s), of Panama City & the airport.. At this time, we didn’t even pull up to a “Gate”, but stayed on the Tarmac to dis-embark… This is When I began to notice, Folks in Military Clothing, w/armbands labeled “Polica”.. Having learned afterwards they were called the *la Guardia Nacional*.. They were protecting the Airport..

Polica aka la guardia nacional

We then started to “dis-embark” right on the the Tarmac, No (air conditioned Buses etc), just straight onto the Tarmac, with the ‘gate” being a veeeery long way away.. The very first thing to Hit me was the Humidity.. Not so much the Heat, as It was the start of the “Rainy season”, Everything was,, just WET…. Wet.. WET.. Looking off into the distance, I saw JUNGLE… Banana Trees, green, & More green.. Getting My thoughts together.. My “senses” came back to me.. My sense of smell that is.. Something between a earthy Rotting smell, with hints of Bananas & Coconuts, (seriously), As I observed a flocks of Parakeets fly in the distance..

Hearing “shots” of automatic gunfire off in the Distance.. deep in the “Jungle” in & around US, deep in the treeline, We heard, again Rumors of Unrest, because of Jimmy Carters on-going Policies in the Canal at that time, including the things happening in Nicaragua.. not to exclude the up-coming Canal Treaty, ‘renegotiations” on the United States stance on the, Canal Treaty..

We made our way to the ‘gate” by which time, I was just plain soaking Wet, As a light rain started falling, jiving one last look, back into the Jungle treeline, watching ‘humidity” in the form of clouds? Rise above the tree-line..

Going through “Customs”, even though this was mostly a Miltatary Chartered flight, We went though something akin to Our Modern TSA, the “la Guardia” looking for Weapons, or Suicide bombers & the like.. ..

To be Cont…

Gators & 5K runs

I promised a Story.. Well, it’s the #Truth..

Me & My “Son”,, Genesis.. Loved going to the Park every Morning & Afternoon.. A Nice long walk, along Greenfield Lake here, In My Town that is Wilmington, N.C.

NOW, mind you, there have been several “News Stories” about Folk’s (Alleged Criminals), swimming/diving or trying to cross the lake, to escape the police. Usually, nothing is “mentioned” afterwards.. Most Folks assume, well, that the Gators are well, have been fed.. that “evening”… Which is surprisingly, the truth..

so.. Yes i “walk” the Dog, On one, (Or several) instances, A Older Gentelman was asking If I had seen his CAT, Which I had a few days before, though afterwards, I hadn’t seen His Kitty, i didn’t have the heart too say, said Kitty might of gotten, or Met His Demise.. By THIS GUY..

So, coming into “Indian Summer” Or FALL, here in SENC, We had a few Cold Fronts, that cooled down the Carolina’s, though the Sunshine would warm-up the streets etc fairly well.. This Particular Morning/Afternoon was on a Saturday, that featured a 5K run around Greenfield Lake, See, it’s part of the Mountains to the Sea “Scenic Trail”.. It IS absolutely Gorgeous.. Green Cypress trees blended in with Golds/Reds/Browns of the hardwoods along the lake..

This Morning/afternoon, was about 55F, Nice Weather.. Mid-30’s in the Morning.. So after walking Genesis, I decided to take a “trip” around the *Lake Shore Drive*, Rounding around a corner, I suddenly had to STOP, as “Runners” were crowding either side of the Road.. Curious, I stopped the car, got out to see what was “happening” or the Hold-up, As I thought, Maybe a “Runner” had gotten Hit by a passerby vehicle..

That wasn’t the case, though.. There was a Real Live Gator, “Blocking” the runners course.. HE, (the Gator) wasn’t to happy being “disturbed”,, Sunning himself on the Sidewalk & Roadway..

A Gentleman in the neighboring home that lived there, Well,, thought it would be a great idea, too poke/prod the Gator into moving on, with a broom, … Until, that Gator grabbed it snapping the broom stick in half..

Me,, being “Brave” asked for a Garden Rake.. I Myself, poked/prodded the Gator back into the woods Myself, (He wasn’t happy bout that either),, Not before I got the video below, abit “successfully” so those runners could get past, with-out fear.. Video below..

That said… Again.. I’ll tell the Story about New YORK Liberals & their Dog at the Park, a ball, Well, Shucks.. The place where I go “crabbing” has a couple resident gators, on the Cape Fear River. The (for the most part) don’t bother anyone.. A 4 footer & a 7 footer..

This Day… I arrived to crab & fish.. I “watched” this young Couple,, tossing a tennis ball out from the boat ramp.. for their Black Lab to go “fetch” the ball, off the boat ramp that Adjoins the pier… I WARNED them, that were Gators in the water, Which they opined, “They are to far north here to be present” ,, yeah, OK good luck with that.. Black Lab was having a blast, lotsa fun you see…

THEN… Walking out on the pier, I watched, as I got My crabbing things set up.. The NY Couple toss that ball once again, of course the DOG, “excited” ran/Swam out the fetch it… about this time, I saw the “Swirls”… And what looked like a Log, only, swimming against the current.. I HOLLERED *GET OUT!*.. The Couple looked at Me kinda funny, saying “What/or WHY” should We, you say?

I’m assuming, (the Dog), saw “it’ bout the same time I did.. as it started swimming franticly.. Next thing I seen, was,, A Dog “running on water” Like the Lord Jesus.. The Couple started Hollaring HELP!,, I yelled back… RUUUUUN! As that dog, just now, His Paws catching bottom of the boat ramp, was in a High speed Get-A-way against that Gator, that was Jaws to Tail on His Caboose.. I mean INCHES.. Again the Couple started,, Hollaring,, HELP! I said RUUUUN!!!!!

It was like “FEAR” A deer in the headlights look on that couple, As the Lucky Lab ran past them with that Gator, HOT on His tail.. With-in a few feet, the Couple realized that they, “may-be” in Danger, as I yelled RUUUUUN! Again.. Split seconds between Life/death of, or being Maimed, I saw splashes of water, screams, I watched that Couple “avoid” the Gator, retreating safely out of harms way.. As the Gator got a few feet up the ramp on solid ground.. Before, He slowed down on solid land..

(Honestly? I never knew they could move that FAST)

I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Children of #BLM & Marxist’s

Children of ISIS..

I was in *Culture Shock* when I came back from Panama, being there as a DOD dependent, Finishing high school, I lacked a 1/2 credit from, (High School Diploma).

Being raised, (In High school) from the 10th grade through the 12th grade, there were NO Politics, EXCEPT, What WE, or I, learned in History class.. Though When I left the USA, (Pine Forest Sr High), it was known as “Social Studies”, back then, in 1978 with nothing to do with *History*..

In DOD school, I learned ALOT more than I did back in “the World”, As we called it, Learning about the Whigs, Founding of the Democrats AND Republicans, JFK, World War II, the Korean war, (Police Action), and yet more, about Vietnam..

I loved reading about it.. It was there in the text book(s), As “our” History books consisted of,, Classical Music, Questions & answers on such, short essays, to maybe a print of ART, for Grecian periods, or Greek/Roman periods, to Revolutionary War periods, Statues AND their meanings and WHY were they Erected..

Who WON & lost the Conferdate War and WHY it was started, (not over “Slavery”) though in fact it was over TAXATION, states rights, (slavery play a role), Tariffs and so on and so forth  by the Northern States that started that first Shot @ Ft. Sumpter long ago.. Hence; the War was called, War of Northern aggression, though over, just a small part, Slavery. (side bar I still wish I had that History book to compare it with today, it was 4″ thick almost 500 pages)

Back on Topic, As I came BACK to the United States, I experienced *Culture Shock*, as much as I did when, when I arrived into Panama.. I tried to take that extra Class credit at My “local” High school, using History as My favorite subject.

Lordy, was I ever Wrong.. Everything I learned, according to the “New” text books, was “Racist”.. This was in the Late summer of 1982.. Thus; I failed to get “extra” credits.. Even things I learned “First hand” about the Panama canal, The building of it, was rejected.. I earned a big fat ZERO..

We didn’t “learn” or know, about “Computers”, (Unless your talking about YUGE mainframes & Cards that you inserted), in the Canal Zone, Unless you were “Lucky”, knowing someone, that just arrived that had a Atari Gaming system..\

In My last year residing there.. Arriving BACK into the states, I was, Honestly amazed, at the .25/.50 Quarter games in Video arcades and such, I had MISSED the Beginning of the budding Tech revolution..

I felt as if I was transported from the Late 70’s Drugs/sex & Rock & Roll, into the Early or Late 60’s,, then Back into Modern History & tech arriving back into the States in Late 1982.. Like a Time Machine,, As I also found, My friends, Whom I *considered* friends, before I had left,, Fallen, much to the “left” side of things.. same with the 1/2 credit class, AND the teacher(s) Whom, decided I was a absolute “Wrong thinker” from the 40’s or the 50’s, (Racist also), as I was on the Wrong side of History, I was told.. Laying My foundation AS a Conservative & Republican, As Our History class taught “Limited government, Limited Taxes & freedoms & free Speech” ,, As opposed to the Para-Military, (quasi-Communist) Government in Panama, (Whom was ruled By Noriega at the time)..

It was all WRONG, When I came back to the States..

So, YES, coming back to the USA was quite the “Cultural Shock” taking time to adjust to, While, signing up for the Military.. Promptly, ASAP, Becoming a enlisted man, Working on anything & everything the Military had..

Which brings My commentary to the Image above.. ISIS Kids, being Indoctrnated..

I’m guessing, somewhere around 1978/79/80, as Older teachers retired, a NEW Generation of teachers arrived from the Colleges, taught by those *Radicals*, that were against “The Man & Government” from the Flower Child Generation, AKA the Weather Underground & the Hippies, Began, teaching OUR next generation, of teachers, that (then) were teaching the next generation of Kids, (Circ. late 70’s & Early 80’s)..

Those 80’s mid 80’s Kids then went to “College”, Partly Radicalized, become teachers themselves. I “grasped” what was happening, When MY Daughters started going to school, coming home with the “New Math”, (that I barely understood), DO NOT Spank them! (time out You see).. Participation Trophy’s & Awards, Along with other nonsense. Of course young Parents CHEERED them On.. My first SHOCK was when My Oldest daughter opined, YOU WILL NOT Spank Me, , OR She would CALL the Social services on Me.. Just before I honestly, reddened that Hiney.. Then, Having Social Services visit, I set their arses Straight too.. Having MY Daughters RESPECT the police, RULES, (rule of Law) that being there were consequences If you broke such..

Here We are TODAY.. Like metastatic Cancer it has grown with-out US realizing this,, until it’s too late..

Though-out the centuries, Regimes, Governments, Radicals, have used Children, Kids, (over generations), use Psychological Methods, (On a faster time-line),(such as Islam), to achieve their own ends.. This is being Played out as We speak..

Africa, Middle East, China, Vietnam, North Korea, are great examples. In Modern History.. Of Communism being played to achieve these ends, NOW, It’s called the New World Order, Or under the false guise of “Globalization”.. Or what-ever you wish to call this, I’ll call it Marxism/Communism..

Now being played out here in OUR Great Nation.. We are seeing the fruits of Marxist/Communism, seeds that were planted in the Late 60’s, reaping what they have sowed.. Is bearing fruit..

Western civilization being destroyed is the intent, to bring down the greatest country, in the free world.. These United States..

Without GOD,, Without Religion, without freedom on Independent thought, of freedom of expression, limited government, limited taxation.. Capitalism.. I honestly don’t wish too think what will become of this great Nation. In the coming next few years.

I honestly Feel, President Trump WAS Chosen By GOD to be OUR Savior, because, If He weren’t the Radical Democrats, BLM, Antifa Would have US in “re-education camps, or box cars heaed for the Showers by now, We the “Basket of Deplorables”..

After All, when I heard the “Teachers” in the *Charter school* next door to where I used to live, instruct the “children” to turn in, Or “tell-on”/Inform school Officials/teachers,, about their Parents If they had weapons in the Home was chilling to say the least..

Just a few thoughts,, that is all..

God Help Us all… GOD BLESS..

Sincerely David & Angie..


It was, or IS God’s Plan…

Some “History” Regarding the Misses (Angie) & I..

See, Angie & I first met, many years ago..  in the Mid-70’s.. As KIDS..

See, Her Dad & Mom, AND MY MOM & Dad, used to fish a (once) Historic Pier on Carolina Beach, here in SENC.. It was called *Center Pier*, as it was “centered” on the Barrier Island of Carolina Beach..

One of the BEST Piers to fish from on the “Island”, which is actually a misnomer, it became A “Island” When they Made Snows cut through “swamp land” from the Cape Fear River, connecting the ICW, going north & South.. Was constructed in 1929~1931 as part of the Intercoastal waterway Project..

That said.. We grew up “together” as great Family Friends though-out the 70’s… UNTIL, we, (I), moved to the Republic of Panama (MY Father was in Special Forces), We stayed for 4 years down there, before coming back to Ft. Bragg, Fayettnam in 1982..

I saw Her only once during that Summer, before, I Myself, was Shipped to Boot Camp to Ft. Lost-in-the-Woods, MO.. (Ft Lenerwood Mo) ,,

Then My Stay in Ft.Knox, KY, for the reminder of My Enlistment.. Only one exception When I visited one Thanks-giving, I saw Angie once more, on Leave, Fishing on the pier for spots.. We had a awesome time catching fish together with family.. (this was When I learned She had a “crush” on Me)..
  Once I finished My Enlistment, I got a Awesome Job, with a great Company, until I got hurt in august 10th, 1986, Spending Months in the Hospital, until I was released to go home, (My Mom & dads home).. Much too My relief, as I had “lost” everything..

Angie’s Mother & Dad.. Then would Bring Angie too the house, as I found out (Later), Angie indeed had a Great Crush on Me, since We were Kids.. She, Spent many, MANY hours (and evenings) with Me, giving me much tender care, and Emotional support, as I did loose My Arm, becoming a Amputee..

  I eventually Moved, out from My parents home, into My own, and As things go, We EACH met someone else.. My EX-WIFE & HER (Angies), EX-HUSBAND used to be Boy-friend & Girlfriend.. SURPRISE!

  Anyhoo.. After 9 years of “Marriage” for EACH of Our (Failed & abusive),Marriages, almost to the month & DAY.. We both initiated Divorces..

   Sometimes afterwards, as My Mom would take HER Mom to BINGO, and I going fishing, Or tagging along for Bingo, (yeah I like too play).. (Angies Mother was blind also), And….. We kinda got “pushed”??? together once again..  We almost “instantly” fell in love with Each other, NOT puppy love, or concerned “friends” ,, True Love.. This happened on June 7th, 1996, *WHEN* we “officially” got together as Husband & Wife.. day after My Birthday, she made that “date”, so,, I would never forget…  😉 😉 ..

We’ve been together ever since.. Though thick & thin, Rough times & tough times. Though NOTHING like We are facing today.. This “Home” was “supposed” to be Our “Forever home”, though; after Angie’s Father passed on, I/WE have found out, as I told you, Land Lord #2 is a Alledged Drug Abuser, (Crack),, MUCH TOO MY, (AND Angie’s), Chagrin, I’m so embarrassed, that I & We got taken.

Hence Our need for a Attorney.. These Folks, as much as I HATE to say it, claim to be “Christian people & MAGA Supporters”,,, Only WE have found out different. They are CROOKS!

The Guy even tore down & cut-up our Trump flag, cutting it off the flag pole, PLUS running a truck into it bending it, now, it’s no longer of any use.. Anyway, Here’s a LOOONG Ago picture of My DAD, My MOM AND.. Angies Dad, before WE left for Panama So many years ago.. See attachment, On Center Pier.. King Fishing & terrorizing the Tourist(s).. 

Center Pier Circ 1974?